Spoken communication and presentation skills

…..For work

In today’s competitive world, it’s essential to be able to speak confidently and make yourself heard.

The ability to communicate effectively with clients, supervisors and colleagues, to speak out at meetings and to give effective presentations is a great advantage.

Training in spoken voice techniques will help to you to overcome nervousness and speak strongly and confidently when you want to.

I can also assist with presentation techniques for talks and powerpoint presentations.


…..For socialising

Informal situations – family gatherings, talking to friends and neighbours, shopping or ordering food at a café or restaurant – are more pleasant if you can communicate easily and without having to repeat yourself.

Voice training and conversation practise will help you make your social interactions fun and easy.


…..For fun

Using your voice creatively is one of the great pleasures of life.

Poetry speaking is easy to learn and a great way to entertain yourself and others.

Drama needn’t be scary – you can read a play without acting it out, or you can make up your own play as you go along.

I offer low-key, ‘no pressure’ poetry and drama sessions just for fun. Or, for those who like to present their work for an audience, there are opportunities to perform.